Our firm brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, professionalism, expedience and efficiency to the table. Our primary goal is completion of instructions to the client's satisfaction at the least cost and in the shortest time possible. We present a number of strengths that will guarantee quality services to you.

1. Location.

We are stationed both in Eastern and Central Uganda. Where ever instructions may arise, we are in position to execute at the least cost and shortest time possible. Our offices co-ordinate the execution of instructions as one with the added advantage of being closer to where the instructions are to be executed increasing efficiency and making it a lot easier to follow up matters.

2. Indepth knowledge and experience

Our firm has been in existence for over 30 years. Throughout the years we have acquired an unrivaled wealth of experience and knowledge. Our firm has represented a number institutions and companies including Finance Trust Bank, Bank of Baroda, DFCU bank, Bank of Africa, Nile Breweries, Bidco to mention but a few in matters worth billions of shillings. We unwaveringly defend and protect our clients' rights and interests and they always feel confident and comfortable having us in their corner.
We are also continuously offer competent legal advisory services.

3. Our technology resources

Okalang Law Chambers as a firm and its entire legal team have embraced the most recent technological advancements that enable the team remain in constant communication regardless of which part of the world, continent or country we are in while executing client's instructions. Each team member is computer literate and has a personal computer and tablet provided by the firm with full time internet access. This ensures that the entire team is always up to speed throughout the duration of projects and also speeds up response time, both to clients and fellow team mates.

4. Team work

Our team at Okalang Law Chambers believes in team work and sharing of ideas in order to best satisfy our clients. It's no wonder that our services are outstanding and our clients always come back to say thank you and appreciate us for a job a well done in various ways they see fit. All your instructions shall be executed by Okalang Law Chambers a team.

5. Diligence and Professionalism

Okalang Law Chambers insists on the highest professional standards in handling all work assigned to it. It has been the core of our practice to offer our clients value for their money and we make no compromise on our professional standards. The execution of instructions received is carefully planned to determine beforehand its demands. We confirm what we have agreed to do for the client, how long it will take the likelihood of success in case of litigation and how much it is likely to cost.
We make constant reports to our clients. When we encounter huddles in the execution of instructions we are relentless in exploring all available options and avenues to seek redress for our clients, protect their interests and successfully accomplish the work.
Our team is responsive to our client's inquiries and requirements to ensure overall satisfaction.

6. Account

Okalang Law Chambers operates a client's Account separately from the firm's personal Accounts. Clients' money is promptly banked into its respective Account and paid to the client within 24 hours of demand.

7. Fees

All fees are charged in accordance with the Advocates Act and the rules thereunder. The firm however encourages and is open to a negotiated charging and payment system. The firm has the financial capability to receive and execute instructions at its cost and then seek reimbursement from the client upon completion of instructions or on a quantum meruit basis. This advantage and / or service is however limited to clients who keep the firm on retainer. The said retainer is charged annually and is negotiable.

8. Professional Indemnity

We pride ourselves in our clients' unwavering confidence in us and as such our practice is insured at all times. Okalang Law Chambers maintain a professional indemnity insurance policy with only reputable insurance companies. The said policy is renewed on time annually. We are currently insured by ICEA General Insurance Company Limited.

9. Public Procurement

Okalang Law Chambers is registered with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) register of providers as a provider of legal services.
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Well known as “OLC”, founded in 1989, is one of the most distinguished law firms in Uganda. We are one of the reputable law firms in Uganda with capability, strength, resources and expertise to provide quality and timely results.
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