These are our distinctive areas of knowledge and expertise in the field of Law.

Take a look at some of our practice areas below
Take a look at some of our practice areas below

Corporate Law

OLC offers quality custom-tailored legal services to all our corporate clients in all areas that require our legal input.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a fast-growing business, a government department, a multinational or a major listed company, our experience makes us well placed to provide you with relevant, corporate advice.

We particularly handle due diligence studies, drafting, and advising on employment, financial, and management contracts, joint ventures and mergers, taxation and insurance matters. We have the skill to assist you to navigate your way through the numerous practical issues of doing business and conducting transactions across borders and domestically.

We understand the magnitude of the risk involved in corporate practice and our job is to handle and manage the risk steering it to a successful pay day. We do work closely with clients across a wide range of industry sectors on domestic and cross-border corporate transactions thus bettering our service delivery.

We are retained by the largest taxpaying corporate companies in the country.

Commercial Law

Our commercial team advises entrepreneurs, established businesses, development finance institutions, multinational organizations, private equity firms, and local and foreign investors on setting up and growing operations in Uganda.

We have a long list of commercial transactions that we handle, including company registration and company secretarial work, registration of business names, registration of trademarks and related intellectual property, and also registration of Non-Governmental Organizations, partnerships, joint ventures and shareholder arrangements, equity and debt issuance and restructuring and securities perfection and registration,

Our commercial team is committed to the best professional service and once the business entity has been set up, we provide ongoing company secretarial services, which include but are not limited to maintaining the company’s statutory registers, updating the records held by the Business Registration and Licensing Authority, filing the required statutory returns and organizing the company’s board meetings and annual general meetings. We also provide detailed advice for small as well as major projects of the business entity.

All this is essential as, compliance with the administrative, disclosure and filing requirements of the Companies Act is imperative. The directors and secretary of a company can be fined and face criminal prosecution for non-compliance. The Registrar of Companies also has the discretion to strike off the company from the register if he/she believes that it is not compliant or carrying on business.

OLC has vast experience in commercial and related transactions thus, we are often the immediate destination for barrier solutions by the largest business entities in the country.

We handle insurance law and are consultants in insurance brokerage, underwriting, claims, and recovery. Companies have largely benefited from our insurance counsel.

Civil Law & Commercial Litigation

OLC has for years handled Civil Law & Litigation, and we have an impeccable record in civil litigation.

We have successfully represented our clients at all levels and we have greatly contributed to the jurisprudence of civil and commercial litigation in all legal circles. The Firm has been involved in several landmark litigation cases and as a result set several precedents so many authoritative areas of the law. The firm is undeniably incredible when handling dispute resolutions.

At OLC, we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients' interests are pursued in total respect and regard of law and justice.

Communications Law

OLC's Managing Partner and Senior Advocate, Mr. Okalang Robert, having been a commissioner in the Uganda Communications Commission, is possessed with a wealth of knowledge in Communications Law such as incorporation of telecommunications companies, internet service providers, conduction of telecommunications regulations, inter-connection regulations, telecommunications standards, telecommunication protocols, broadcasting and media laws, satellite companies, dispute arbitration, communication licensing; including frequency and spectrum issuance, management laws, and telecommunications consumer protection laws.

We have extensive knowledge of the requirements of licensing, compliance, dispute resolution, infrastructure sharing, financing projects and drafting agreements. We provide advice regarding the government regulatory agencies and provide litigation services on disputes arising in this sector. We keenly follow changes in information technology and the law to give our clients innovative and effective solutions in areas such as software licensing, Intellectual Property, defamation, infrastructure arrangements, spectrum auctions and e-commerce.

We are retained as external counsel by the largest telecommunication company and taxpayer in the country.

Intellectual Property Law

We advise on the registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, assignments and registered user agreements (licenses) for numerous multinational and local clients. We also represent clients in opposition proceedings and IP-related litigation.

In this era of branding and advertising, straight from labels and names, through get-ups and trade channels, we fully understand the need for timely registration of intellectual property such as trademarks, patents, copyright, and neighboring rights.

Our clients have had reduced clashes over intellectual property such as theft, passing off, and wrongful use. Through registration of assignments, our clients are able to acquire limited or all rights from international companies for exclusive use in Uganda.

We also counsel clients on matters involving the development, prosecution, management, and of intellectual property assets, including patents and patent portfolios, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. We provide guidance on related business issues, such as licensing and transactions, restrictive covenants, Internet law and antitrust compliance.

We acted for the largest industrial taxpaying company in the country, in the protection of their trade mark use of their product.

Land Law & Land Conveyance

"If you can afford land in Uganda, so can you in Dubai"

In this period of increased land pricing, coupled with increasing pressure on land, complicated registration procedures, and disturbing untrusted property agents, OLC is a safe option if you are looking to process land ownership.

Right from due diligence, through agreements, and subsequent registration, OLC handles land litigation, conveyance, and securities perfection.

With our registration of numerous mortgages, transfers, caveats, leases and lease extensions, we are a resourceful and superior firm and will be of great assistance.

Real Estate, Property and Land Conveyancing

Did you know that right to property is both a human and constitutional right?


In this period of increased land pricing, coupled with increasing pressure on land, complicated registration procedures, and disturbing untrusted property agents, OLC is a safe option if you are looking to process land ownership.


Right from the due diligence, through agreements, and subsequent registration, OLC advises buyers and sellers of property in all stages of land transactions, including:


  • Purchasing or leasing land for development of residential, agricultural and business interests
  • All aspects of environmental compliance
  • Financing and regulatory approvals of large scale acquisitions and dispositions
  • Obtaining planning and development permissions for residential and commercial properties
  • Drafting residential and commercial leases and related documents
  • Notarizing and registering transfers, leases and other related documents
  • Securities perfection
  • Property litigation


We were instructed to advise and handle the modalities of the land acquisition by our industrial client worth US$ 2 million.


We handle matters and cases pertaining to property acquisition, property protection, property and estate management; including securing of professional valuers and surveyors, land title processing, securing tenants and purchasers, collecting rent on landlords' behalf, ensuring legal ownership; including lease extension.


Our efficiency in the registration of numerous mortgages, transfers, caveats, leases and lease extensions has led to a wide clientele base of financial institutions and as such, we are thus retained by over four major financial institutions in the country.


We also ensure payment of all the necessary taxes and dues to government.

Constitutional & Human Rights Laws

At OLC, we strongly believe that promotion of constitutionalism and rule of law are key to successful legal practice. We advise both government bodies and other entities on International and Regional Human Rights charters and legislations on Human Rights.


We are frequently contacted to handle registration of Human Rights NGOs and make recommendations on issues of Human Rights concerns in society.


We do public-interest litigation in the area of Human Rights.

Electoral Law

In line with the principles of democracy and good governance, and conversant of the need for periodic free and fair elections, OLC is well versed with International and Ugandan Electoral Laws, and has thus handled many election petitions, both Parliamentary and Local Government, in Uganda with tremendous success.


At OLC, we concentrate mostly on the doctrines of free and fair elections devoid of intimidation and bribery, and we also recognize the need for substantial compliance of the Electoral Laws and Constitution.


In this regard, we have over fifteen (15) years represented the Uganda Electoral Commission (a body charged with the responsibility to carry out general elections in the country) in many election petitions filed in Uganda Courts and have had a track record of success only.

Domestic Relations & Family Law

Domestic relations handled by OLC include divorce law and litigation, adoption, parentage applications, foster care placements, guardianship, and marriage registration of all kinds. We are a powerful authority on the law regarding Children's Rights and marriage and its dissolution.


We also handle succession law including application for probate and letters of administration, wills, and other related documents.


The firm handles all cases involving the law on children such as adoption, parentage, foster care placements, and guardianship cases.


Our experienced family Advocates encourage clients to adopt a constructive approach to family problems in a way that preserves dignity and encourages agreements. We understand that family issues can be complex and painful, so we make every effort to ensure a member of the Family Law team is always on hand to help and guide you through the process.


We act as executors, administrators, and trustees of estates. We also handle matters relating to succession, probate administration, and drafting of wills.

Criminal Law

"For every wrong, you have rights"


OLC as a firm has developed a solid reputation in handling criminal defense at all levels. We also conduct legal briefs on behalf of our clients and also do private prosecutions.


Finding the right Advocate is crucial to ensure you are guaranteed the best legal defense. Our team is highly experienced, with first-class knowledge in criminal law. We are committed to providing excellent client care and have a reputation for achieving the best outcomes for our clients.


Over the years, the experience of working with financial institutions and corporate entities plus government bodies has boasted our unparalleled knowledge in the often highly complex arena of business crime defense. We provide specialist advice and assistance to companies and individuals under investigation for regulatory breaches, and also to people accused of fraud, mortgage fraud or tax evasions.


Our aim here is to be part of the criminal justice delivery system.

International Law & International Humanitarian Law

We ably handle International contracts between the government of Uganda and other States and International Corporations; issues of delimitation, government contracts, international representation, and legal counsel on consequences of activities at international level have successfully been handled by our legal team.


We have had legal representation in international tribunals and arbitration fora. Through exclusive use and incorporation of international treaties, charters, and bills, we offer great advice in the area of international law.


On International Humanitarian Law, we offer advisory services on International Human Rights and involve ourselves in refugee law, migration, disaster, and other engagements related to International Humanitarian Law.


With a charged political climate, Uganda immigration is becoming increasingly complex and should be at the forefront in the minds of every company in Uganda.  Whether you are considering expansion in Uganda or outside Uganda, immigration will be an issue.  In addition to the increased globalization of trade, the transfer of employees of major multinationals in Uganda and into Europe continues at pace, either to work for the multinational itself or as part of an outsourcing project.


We have clients engaged in humanitarian activities who greatly value our services.

Abitration & Mediation

At OLC, we strongly encourage out-of-court settlements. We have been at the center of out-of-court negotiations, mediations, and arbitration with tremendous success.


In arbitration & mediation, we help our clients realize acceptable justice in a win-win atmosphere and at a far less cost and within a very short time. We work discretely, ensuring our clients’ confidentiality is maintained, and are transparent about the costs involved.


We also structure, prepare and advise our clients on arbitration clauses for various commercial contracts. We deal with regular issues such as the choice of law, choice of forum and effect/application of arbitration clauses for various transactions/projects.


We act for and advise on both international and domestic arbitration proceedings. Our team is experienced in representing parties in arbitration proceedings in all commercial sectors. Our lawyers have an excellent understanding of the arbitration procedure before various forums and will guide you through the entire process including the recognition and enforcement of the arbitral award.


Our Arbitration team is headed by Mr. Allan Ogoi MCIArb who holds an advanced certificate in arbitration and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators United Kingdom (UK).

Pro bono is a word used to mean professional legal work which is normally done voluntarily and without pay, or at a low cost, for indigent, marginalized, and vulnerable persons.


Pro bono was established to ensure that the categories of persons mentioned above access justice.


At OLC, we offer pro bono services for indigent clients and we have obtained justice for many indigent/marginalized persons in various claims.

Well known as “OLC”, founded in 1989, is one of the most distinguished law firms in Uganda. We are one of the reputable law firms in Uganda with capability, strength, resources and expertise to provide quality and timely results.
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