OLC is committed to providing every opportunity to learn, grow and stretch to the highest level of your ability and potential. You become part of a fast-paced and dedicated team that works together to provide our clients with the highest possible level of service.

A variety of outstanding lawyers and leaders in the profession in Uganda today have had outstanding and quality experience with us and we have created a strong impact and developed a reputation for breeding top quality practitioners in Uganda. Our commitment to quality services greatly contributes to our growth and success.


Musana Nelson Munene
LDC – 2017/2018
"Clerkship is compulsory for every Bar Course student at Law Development Centre (LDC) and for that reason, one needs to choose his or her Clerkship placement wisely to enable him or her not only pass the Bar Course but also get acquainted with the necessary hands on experience required for every practicing lawyer.

I thus carefully chose Okalang Law Chambers fondly known as OLC as my Clerkship placement.

It was, without doubt, a rewarding experience working with a distinguished lawyer like MR. ROBERT OKALANG Esq. who is the epitome of legal knowledge given his vast experience acquired over the years, that is 30 years in this noble profession.

At OLC learning was a given since the firm is endowed with a team of talented professional lawyers whose guidance catalyzed my legal knowledge in key practice areas like civil litigation, family practice, land and criminal law which was readily availed given the diverse clientele ranging from walk-in clients to the corporate retainer clients.

I learnt to work as a team as opposed to working is silos, improved my drafting skills, bettered my art of advocacy and court decorum due to the numerous court attendances throughout my clerkship.

From the above, it goes without saying that the experience I have had at OLC is invaluable and I will forever remain indebted to the OLC family."
Mary Peace Nabwire
LDC - 2017/2018
"As a student at Law Development Centre (LDC) academic Year 2017/2018, our third term has always been the clerkship programme.

I chose Okalang Law Chambers for my Clerkship placement, and I confess that I have no regrets.

It has been a learning centre, grooming centre and also inspirational for me as a lawyer.

My drafting skills have improved having been under professional supervision, my confidence too has improved and I now know I can boldly stand in court and pleasantly grace the judicial officers with legal knowledge, given the constant court visits I was tasked to make.

Having interacted with both experienced and intelligent Counsel at the firm, above whom is SENIOR COUNSEL ROBERT OKALANG, I feel inspired and expectant, with a positive attitude towards practice.

Thanks to OLC for the legal experience I have obtained. I am sure when I stand a thousand years from this moment in my legal career, the footsteps your have left in my life will still be visible and clear.

Forever grateful."
Well known as “OLC”, founded in 1989, is one of the most distinguished law firms in Uganda. We are one of the reputable law firms in Uganda with capability, strength, resources and expertise to provide quality and timely results.
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